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The World's Best Carpet Manufacturers and Their Impact on Carpet Culture

Carpets have been an integral part of Turkish culture since the nomadic times. During the nomadic period, the people who stayed in the tents were laying hand-embroidered wool and silk carpets inside their tents. Carpets, which are an important part of daily life, also reflect elegance in Turkish culture.

During the Great Seljuk and Anatolian Seljuk periods, Turkish carpet weavers created their own unique styles and motifs. Pre-Ottoman Turkish carpet weaving generally produced carpets with geometric motifs and nature depictions. When it comes to the Ottoman period, Turkish carpet motifs started to change under the influence of the cultures of the newly conquered countries since the 16th century. The influence of the cultures of Tabriz and Cairo is clearly visible on the carpets.

During this period, European civilizations also discovered Turkish carpets and started to show great interest in these handcrafted weavings. Many European palaces and houses of important European personalities are adorned with Turkish carpets, our carpets are exhibited in important museums. Renaissance painters such as Hans Holbein and Jean-Etienne Liotard also admired Turkish carpets and included these rare handwovens in their works.

After the Ottoman Empire, Turkish carpet weaving continued to develop. Carpets woven with different techniques and different features in different regions of Turkey have attracted worldwide attention. Carpets woven by machines in other countries of the world are woven on looms in our country with great effort with thin threads. Carpets of each region have their own unique characteristics. Today, Sultanahmet and the Grand Bazaar have an important place in the sale of decorative carpets and rugs in Turkey.

As it is understood, the origin of the world's best carpets is produced in Turkey. We, as the Alfombras de Estambul family, offer you handmade carpets and kilims, which are an integral part of Turkish culture and made with techniques from the dusty shelves of history.

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