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The elegant collection woven from silk adds elegance and magnificence to your home. Each carpet bears the traces of art and elegance with its unique patterns prepared with nature's most luxurious fibers.



Combining natural beauty and contemporary design, this collection offers a unique aesthetic that adapts to the modern lifestyle. Each carpet is carefully designed with the elegant touch of natural bamboo fibers.



Motifs inspired by different cultures offer a unique expression of traditional handcraftsmanship. It was designed to add warmth and character to living spaces, woven with the meticulous work of masters.



Kilims produced with traditional hand weaving techniques are at the center of this collection. It adds life energy and a historical touch to your home with its characteristic patterns and vibrant colors.



Each of the carpets, meticulously woven using traditional handcrafting techniques, aims to add warmth and character to your home with their complex geometric patterns.


Handmade Pure Silk

Handmade pure silk carpets, in which natural silk fibers are expertly processed, are the perfect expression of elegance. It adds unique elegance to your home with its delicate workmanship and texture.


Door to Door Shipping

Product Order

You can easily order the carpet in any size and pattern you want from our various collections. Your payment will be completed with one of the post-order payment methods and your order will be ready in approximately 1 business day.

International transportation

Your prepared product is carefully packaged and delivered to FedEx, DHL or UPS cargo company to be delivered to your address. Transport usually takes 3-5 business days.

Door to Door Delivery

After international transportation, your package is ready for distribution in the recipient country and is usually delivered within 1 business day.

Product Delivery

Your package is delivered to your door by the contracted cargo company. This entire process usually takes 3-7 business days. Time may vary depending on factors such as delivery conditions, general density and distance to the receiving country.

What is My Carpet Style?

What is My Carpet Style?

You can get an idea about the style that suits you by answering the questions. Enjoy ..

1- What kind of house do you live in?

2- Which fashion reflects the style you like to use at home?

3- Which color tones do you prefer?

4- What kind of feeling do you expect when walking on the carpet?

5- How thick would you prefer your carpet to be?

6- Which patterns do you like more on carpet?

7- How often is a cleaning ideal for you?

8- In which part of your home would you prefer to use your carpet?


  • Me**** Da****

    Exceptional quality and variety! I recently purchased a rug from this carpet and rug place, and I couldn't be happier.

    The staff was knowledgeable and helped me find the perfect match for my living room.

    The rug's craftsmanship is outstanding, and it has added warmth and elegance to my space.

    Highly recommend this place for anyone looking for quality rugs and exceptional customer service!

  • 캉****

    We visited Turkye on our honeymoon, and while wondering what to bring as a souvenir, we decided to buy a carpet. I visited Istanbul - Cappadocia - Denizli - Fethiye - Kassy - Antalya, but I couldn't find a store as friendly and reasonable as this one. On the last day of my trip, I returned to Istanbul and purchased carpets at Alfombras De Estambul. I purchased it in October 2023, but the move-in was delayed, so I am only now leaving a review. Thank you for the nice carpet and good memories. May you prosper!

  • To**** Ca****

    After visiting several carpet shops in Old City Istanbul, we found that Alfombras de Estambul was one of our favorites. We appreciated the professional and cordial manner, very helpful yet not pushy, in which Nedim presented many carpet options to us. We checked out rugs in a number of other shops but came back to Nedim to make our purchases. His pricing was quite competitive and he even threw in a bonus for us. We would go back to this shop again in the future. Thank you, Nedim.

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