Elegance Is in Your Hands

It is in your hands to design your comfort as you wish with modern and traditional carpets

The magnificent elegance of silk, the unique texture of wool and the combination of handmade, all in your Classic Carpets Collection...

Classical Turkish Carpets made with the Turkish (Gördes-symmetrical) knot and wrapping technique around two warps. At Alfombras de Estambul with silk and wool materials and different motif options.

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The best place to buy carpets from Turkey is Alfombras de Estambul. We are here as one of the best places in Turkey to buy handmade Turkish rugs, machine made Turkish rugs

Modern bamboo carpets, pioneers of minimalism

Bamboo carpets with the feeling of coolness created by the bamboo yarn, which has a natural shine. Bamboo carpet models, produced from bamboo fiber that absorbs dye very well, are at Alfombras de Estambul with their rich and saturated appearance in color.


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Reflection of culture on weaving, handmade Turkish Kilims

A flat-woven carpet, often reversible, in which a design pattern is formed by colored weft strings being wrapped around the warp. Handmade Turkish Kilims with different motifs and options are at Alfombras de Estambul.


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Traditional style meeting with motifs, Turkish rahrah rugs

Rahrah carpets, one of the unique motifs of the Turkish carpet technique, are at your service with the assurance of Alfombras de Estambul.

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The best place to buy carpets from Turkey is Alfombras de Estambul. We are here as one of the best places in Turkey to buy handmade Turkish rugs, machine made Turkish rugs

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Alfombras de Estambul están hechas a mano con alfombras turcas y alfombras turcas con las clásicas alfombras de seda de Anatolia, alfombras con motivos de Anatolia, rahrah y opciones de bambú.

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