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Who are we?

As the Alfombras de Estambul family, we have tried to be worthy of our valued customers by acting on a basic principle since the day we were founded. “Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.” we said. We have come together with our business partners, who have been in the handmade Turkish carpet and rug industry for years, to develop a reliable, high quality and innovative approach in the industry, and we created a new company. Our company started its commercial activities on 23.10.2019 with the experience of our valuable business partners who have been exporting handmade carpets and rugs to many parts of the world for 20 years. We tried to adopt a different style with a perspective that adapts to current conditions in addition to the experience of the past years in the handmade carpet and rug industry, in which we are located under the name Alfombras de Estambul. While trying to provide services to satisfy our valued customers in our physical store in Istanbul, we also started an infrastructure work in order to deliver handmade carpets and kilims online to every corner of the world. As a result of long studies, we have established a secure and high-quality service infrastructure at many points from the payment system to customer privacy. Again, acting around the principle on which we were based on the day we were founded, we offered handmade carpets and kilims online, saying "your satisfaction is our satisfaction".


Why Are We Preferred When Buying Handmade Turkish Carpets and Rugs?

In order to provide the best service to our valued customers, our company supplies handmade Turkish carpets and kilims directly from production centers without an intermediary company and safely delivers them to many parts of the world. Our products are 100% compatible with the information given and there are no deficiencies or mistakes. Our products are original and high quality and certified as original. Moreover, we make sales contracts and invoicing for all of our products that we send to our valued customers, and we give you all kinds of trust. Moreover, we do not charge shipping fees for our products. In addition, if there is any problem with the product you purchased, we also accept returns within the conditions and time period specified in our policies. Along with all these opportunities we provide, we try to provide all kinds of convenience by being in direct contact with our customers in payment methods and cargo processes. For this reason, our company is loved and preferred by our valued customers in the handmade carpet and rug industry. In order to serve you better, we pay attention to innovations and your feedback.


Reliable, Quality and Fast Shopping

We have tried to provide our valued customers with the opportunity to shop in a reliable environment with the online sales system we have created as a result of the infrastructure works we have entered in order to provide you with a better and faster service. In this direction, we have established a structure that cares about customer privacy within the website. We have completed our efforts to ensure that our customers have a comfortable and safe experience in every process, from the payment stage to the procurement of the product. Our website is protected with up-to-date SSL certificates, and the confidentiality of customers' information is taken under the security umbrella of the infrastructure company we work with. In order for you to pay securely online during the purchase process, we have created a reliable payment infrastructure with payment systems such as Mastercard and Visa and 3D Secure preferences by partnering with Iyzico, which has business partnerships with many famous brands in the world. We have taken the security of our valued customers to the next level by not including the information you have provided during payment. In this way, you can buy our products by paying online through our website. After the purchased product, we contacted you, our valued customers, and created informative messages in every part of the process for order tracking. Our products include taxes and no shipping charges. In this way, we are trying to provide you with a faster and easier delivery network to provide better quality service. For products purchased from our website, the delivery time of the products to the cargo usually takes 1-2 days, and the delivery of the cargo varies between 4-10 days. In order to provide reliable cargo service, we provide you with all kinds of information during these processes and provide all kinds of assurance. In addition, we try to provide all kinds of convenience regarding payment systems to our customers who want to shop on our website. In this direction, we also have the opportunity to serve our customers who do not prefer online payment with many payment infrastructures, including Western Union.

Secure Payment

Ease of Communication

We have also tried to establish a strong communication network in order to deal more closely with all kinds of problems of our valued customers. In this direction, you can first contact us online by clicking the talk button in the lower left corner of our website. You can also send your comments, suggestions and complaints by sending an e-mail to info@alfombrasdeestambul.com. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible. Apart from these options, you can also reach us by sending a message to our Google business profile and Instagram account. We have no unanswered messages! Do not hesitate to contact us, remember, your satisfaction is our satisfaction…


Comments About Us

There is a situation known to all our family members who are kind enough to visit our physical store in Istanbul. For this reason, every comment we receive contains statements that coincide with this principle and principle. If you wish, you can read the unbiased reviews about our business on Tripadvisor and Google and accept them as a reference.


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If you wish, you can get more detailed information about us by browsing our business profile on google, you can get more impressions about our business and our customers by examining the photos, and you can accept what is said about us as a reference by reading objective comments. As we always say, your satisfaction is our satisfaction...

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Thank you for not leaving us alone on our way to provide the best and quality service to our valued customers. You can contact us for all your opinions, suggestions and complaints.


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