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Alfombras de Estambul

Rahrah 104 X 145 cm

Rahrah 104 X 145 cm

Name: Rahrah A56.170

Origin: Turkey

Material: Wool

Size: 104 X 145 cm

Build Type: Handmade

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Carpet cleaning instructions

Do not wash in ordinary washing machines. Do not use a hard brush in the carpet cleaning process. By using carpet shampoo, you can wash the carpet in the direction of the roll with plenty of water. You can dry the carpet in a shaded environment.

  • DHL, FedEx or UPS
  • Visa, Master or Amex
  • Eco Friendly
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Rahrah carpets take their name from the design pattern and can be translated as "pathway". Plain sumac is 100% plain woven with wool on wool and can be woven in an average of 4-6 months. Rah Rah sumaks are woven in the provinces of Kirman and Sirjan in southeastern Iran, as well as in eastern Turkey. All of these weavers are predominantly Kurdish and use both 'kerman' - the word for high quality hand-spun wool, and imported New Zealand wool for the manufacture of these very fine sumac weaves. The colors used are all chemical dyes and it is extremely common to "wash with tea" the pieces after finishing, giving them a vintage look that ranges from a soft brownish "film" to a very dark, almost black appearance.

How do we pack and ship the purchased Turkish carpets?

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