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Alfombras de Estambul

Bamboo 527A

Bamboo 527A

Name: Bamboo 527A

Origin: Turkey

Material: Bamboo

Size: 9 Different Options Available (80x150 cm, 80x300 cm, 100x200 cm, 100x300 cm, 133x190 cm, 160x235 cm, 200x300 cm, 240x320 cm, 300x400 cm)

Build Type: Machine Made

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Carpet cleaning instructions

Do not wash in ordinary washing machines. Do not use a hard brush in the carpet cleaning process. By using carpet shampoo, you can wash the carpet in the direction of the roll with plenty of water. You can dry the carpet in a shaded environment.

  • DHL, FedEx or UPS
  • Visa, Master or Amex
  • Eco Friendly
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The modern carpet collection reflects the harmonious combination of nature and modernism. In this collection, there are thin and durable carpets made of combinations such as bamboo fiber and wool yarns. Natural fabric product fibers provide a hygienic living space thanks to their antimicrobial properties. In addition, the natural shine of bamboo fiber makes these carpets have a luxurious appearance. Presented with different color and pattern options, the Modern collection adds warmth and a natural atmosphere to modern living spaces.

How do we pack and ship the purchased Turkish carpets?

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