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Kunduz Bicolor Carpet 200 X 154 cm

Kunduz Bicolor Carpet 200 X 154 cm

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Name: Kunduz Bicolor Carpet A189.385.481

Origin: Turkey

Material: Wool

Size: 200 X 154 cm

Build Type: Handmade

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Carpet cleaning instructions

Do not wash in ordinary washing machines. Do not use a hard brush in the carpet cleaning process. By using carpet shampoo, you can wash the carpet in the direction of the roll with plenty of water. You can dry the carpet in a shaded environment.

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Kunduz carpets are 100% hand-woven rugs using wool. The knotting is typically thin, even, and consistent, forming a smooth, velvety pile. The pile was hand woven on wool warps, although sometimes cotton warp threads. The main color of Kunduz Carpets is usually red, sometimes bright red, sometimes brown-red/copper tone. As a matter of fact, an example of a blue-black ground is occasionally encountered. The designs produced are generally repetitive patterns from start to finish. These are typically old Turkmen designs such as Alma Rose (apple blossom), Baghi Shinar, Baba Saqal, Hatchlou (Purdah).

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