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Alfombras de Estambul

Şirvan Bicolor Carpet 135 x 85 cm

Şirvan Bicolor Carpet 135 x 85 cm

Name: Şirvan Bicolor Carpet A678.276

Origin: Turkey

Material: Wool

Size: 135 x 85 cm

Build Type: Handmade

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Carpet cleaning instructions

Do not wash in ordinary washing machines. Do not use a hard brush in the carpet cleaning process. By using carpet shampoo, you can wash the carpet in the direction of the roll with plenty of water. You can dry the carpet in a shaded environment.

  • DHL, FedEx or UPS
  • Visa, Master or Amex
  • Eco Friendly
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Şirvan carpets are completely hand-woven carpets with a long-lasting and high-quality structure using wool. They are tribal carpets made by indigenous peoples living in the South Caucasus in an eastern and northeastern region, including the city of Shirvan in present-day Azerbaijan. Similar to the rugs produced in the Kuba and Shemakha regions of northeastern Azerbaijan, Shirvan carpets display various patterns and patterns including hexagonal latticework, as well as floral and geometric motifs consisting of lozenges, stars, crosses and small animals, and have octagonal features. The dominant colors used in these rugs are blues, reds and browns with accents of golden yellow and ivory. Weavers use a Turkish knot with 60 - 160 KPSI.

How do we pack and ship the purchased Turkish carpets?

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